Forbes: Meet David Schwartz, Ripple's Trillion Dollar Man 10

Forbes: Meet David Schwartz, Ripple’s Trillion Dollar Man

David Schwartz is the current Chief Technology Officer at Ripple and he has been active in most of the social media platforms explaining his vision for a decentralized ledger as well as simplifying the remittance industry via Ripple products and XRP. He can be applauded for clearing the air with respect to how actually decentralized the XRP ledger is through a very informative post on the Ripple website. He also has a sense of humor as can be seen in the following recent tweet with the recent Stellar (XLM) pump in the markets. (XML is a programming language and different from XLM):

Forbes Interview

In a recent Forbes magazine article, David Schwartz was interviewed by Michael del Castillo.

From the onset of the interview, it can be concluded that Mr. Schwartz has always had a passion for solving problem. He is quoted as saying the following with respect to why he was once fascinated by door knobs at the age of 5:

The function of a doorknob is to control the movement between two spaces. It’s a gateway, a barrier, and obstacle. It’s a control. When that barrier goes away, you understand it. It sounds silly, but to me it might as well have been magic.

Trillion Dollar Man by Disrupting SWIFT

The article goes on to state that under Schwartz’s technical leadership, Ripple is gunning to disrupt the remittance and cross-border payments industry that has been the sole arena of SWIFT for the last 50 or so years. SWIFT currently handles approximately 25 million messages between banks for the transfer of money with an estimated $6.74 Trillion in value.

David Schwartz goes on to state that:

We want to create a payment network like SWIFT. But one where the settlement, the actual movement of money, the actual plumbing underneath the surface, would be a decentralized, open network. The endgame is just money moving invisibly, as easily as information.

More on the interview can be found in the Forbes article which includes details of David Schwartz’s patent for a distributed computer system 20 years before Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin ledger. This fact has led many crypto enthusiasts to put forth David’s name as a candidate for the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto as can be seen in the tweet below.

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