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Here are 12 Projects Utilizing the Stellar (XLM) Blockchain That No One is Talking About

The Stellar Project and XLM Coin are one of those entities in the crypto-verse that are slowly but surely making significant progress under the radar of mainstream news. Maybe this is due to the fact that the Stellar Organization is a non-profit and it focuses more on its projects rather than creating a ‘buzz’ in the crypto-verse.

Therefore, let us explore 12 Projects utilizing the Stellar blockchain that no one is talking about.


Ethereum World News had highlighted this project that is working on tokenizing the carbon credits economy using the Stellar blockchain. Veridium is partnering with IBM and Stellar to integrate their VERDE Token to simplify the tracking and auditing of carbon credits and the carbon market trading that follows.

IBM’s StableCoin

IBM has long been known to be a solid partner of the Stellar organization and plans on using the blockchain to explore the option of creating a cryptocurrency pegged to the US Dollar (a Stablecoin). The computing giant has also been known to be running 9 Stellar nodes around the globe to aid in the settlement of cross border payments.

Stellarport Decentralized Exchange

Stellarport Decentralized Exchange is a one of a kind decentralized exchange that runs on the Stellar network. Stellarport is a reliable, flexible and secure portal to the Stellar network where you can view your wallet, send payments and trade on the decentralized exchange.


Stronghold is your on stop shop to trading digital currencies. Stronghold accepts deposits in USD and can issue tokens of any kind on the Stellar Network as well as the traditional assets of Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Tempo is a European money transfer company that recently transitioned to the Stellar Network. This in turn will make money transfers using the platform cheaper and easier for its users. Clients are able to send global remittances from Europe through the Stellar e-wallet, online or by visiting TEMPO locations.

Satoshi Pay

Satoshi Pay launched its integration into the Stellar network back in December. The project switched from the Bitcoin network to that with Stellar as well as partnering with TEMPO for fiat payments.

Open Garden

Open Garden was on of the finalists in the Stellar Build Challenge that was organized by the Stellar Foundation. The project aims at turning your phone internet connection into an Open Garden WiFi hotspot as part of a global bandwidth-sharing community. The revolutionary network protocol enables everyone to offer up surplus bandwidth in exchange for cryptocurrency, or purchase Internet service from other people nearby.


TillBilly is an integrated ‘tap and go’ terminal connected to a regular POS (point of sale) terminal. It is based on the Stellar Network and aims at making the payment process cheaper than the regular Visa and Mastercard platform. TillBilly also has a digital receipt system that solves the problem of having massive paper receipts after visiting your regular grocery store.


Slice is tokenizing the real estate industry in the United States making it possible for individual investors to access projects that were previously accessible only to institutional investors. Slice allows private investors to gain access to wealth building opportunities, while real estate owners and operators gain access to a large pool of untapped capital.


As the name suggests, SureRemit is a cross border remittance service that is used mostly by African workers abroad to send money home. It has joined the Stellar Network with 300 locations across Kenya, Rwanda and Nigeria. You can even use SureRemit to pay Utility Bills and send Airtime to loved ones.


Smartlands is setting out to tekonize assets in industries such as real estate, manufacturing, private shares as well as agriculture. The platform manages auditing, legal due diligence and other preparatory procedures of a token issuing company. Investors buy tokens of the company with the possibility of trading them and receiving profits.


Chynge is a digital payments platform that aims at making remittances free. Chynge uses tokens to digitalize payments on the blockchain to transfer funds immediately. Liquidity pools created by Chynge in various countries eliminate bank credit lines.

In conclusion, these 12 projects on the Stellar blockchain are impressive and more reason to look forward to a future powered by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. Any opinion herein should be taken as is. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available.