Here is How Nano (NANO) is Silently Making Major Strides 10

Here is How Nano (NANO) is Silently Making Major Strides

Unbeknownst to many outside the Nano (NANO) crypto community, the project is silently making strides as the rest of the world focuses on the performance of Bitcoin (BTC) in the markets as well as the question as to whether institutional investors are getting into cryptocurrency investing.

Earlier on in the year, Ethereum World News had observed that the Nano (NANO) cryptocurrency was a sleeping giant due to its past crypto-market action as well as technical advantages over other cryptocurrency projects.

Firstly, the value of NANO rose by 41% when it was rebranded from Raiblocks (XRB) late in January. NANO was trading at $18.84 at the day of rebranding and had seen better times earlier in the year under Raiblocks when it was trading at $37.34. Secondly, transactions on the NANO are free. Yes. There are zero fees while transacting on the NANO blockchain. This then makes the cryptocurrency ideal for trading pairs, peer-to-peer transactions, micropayments as well as regular purchases of goods and services.

Recent developments indicate that the team at NANO released mobile compatible wallets on the 22nd of June. This means that HODLers of NANO can now transact with the digital asset via their Android or iOS powered mobile device. This adds to the already available desktop wallets for Windows, Linux and MAC.

Prior to the mobile wallet announcement, the team at NANO had announced that the famous hardware wallet of Ledger Nano S, was supporting the digital asset effective June 11. In a tweet on that day, the team at NANO announced the following:

Another major development of the Nano (NANO) project, is that the popular crypto-exchange known as Binance, is now a Nano representative. Evidence of this can be seen on the official block explorer for the Nano currency that is known as NANODE. This means that the team at Binance has seen that the NANO project is a solid one to the point where they want to offer their support as a representative. No wonder NANO was observed as being the fastest cryptocurrency on Binance.

In conclusion, all these project developments with regards to the NANO cryptocurrency might validate the numerous price predictions that have been put forth to estimate the value of the coin in the future. Some HODLers are optimistic that the current value of $2.33 is the opportune time to buy the digital asset for the future looks bright for NANO.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to give financial advice. It is an opinion piece. The opinion herein should be taken as is. Please carry out your own research before investing in any of the numerous cryptocurrencies available.