Latest Tron (TRX) News: Token Burn, New Listing and a $10k Donation By Justin Sun 10

Latest Tron (TRX) News: Token Burn, New Listing and a $10k Donation By Justin Sun

As we wind down the year in the first days of November, the Tron (TRX) Foundation can be lauded for their continual communication with regards to the project’s developments. We have seen how efficient their communication team has been since the ICO was launched last year, till the activation of the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) a few days ago. Therefore, let us highlight the most recent announcements from the team at TRON.

New Listing on BitexBook

In a tweet a few hours ago, Justin Sun informed the Tron Community of the listing of TRX on BITEXBOOK. The full tweet can be found below.

BITEXBOOK is made up of a team of approximately 2 dozen people with backgrounds in computer programming and finance. BITEXBOOK is a member of the StreamCapital Group of companies that was founded in 2013. The main aim of the platform, is to provide high-tech and high-quality trading solutions in the crypto-verse.

ERC20 Token Burn

As outlined in the Tron Whitepaper and communicated by the Tron Foundation, the initial ERC20 TRX tokens that were minted in the ICO phase, would eventually be burnt and replaced with the TRX coins on the Tron Mainnet.

In the most recent update on the progress of the token burn, the Tron foundation notified the Tron Community that they had destroyed another 34,776,069,388.7 TRX ERC20 tokens that were part of what was owned by the foundation. This now brings the total of tokens destroyed to 98.01% of the total 100 Billion issued.

The Tron Foundation has promised to continue updating on the progress of the token burn until all 100 Billion are destroyed.

Justin Sun Pledges $10,000 to

Justin’s plan to decentralize the web has been further amplified by his pledge to donate $10,000 to The donation will help fund efforts to educate voters in key districts across the US to vote for net-neutrality and support lawmakers who want to reverse the decision to repeal America’s net-neutrality safeguards.

Net neutrality in the US officially ended on June 11th this year. Passed by the Republican-led FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the repeal means that Internet Service Providers (ISP) can block, slow down, or provide preferential treatment to particular websites and services. The FCC will now only require the ISPs to publicly disclose how they treat internet traffic.

The FCC also handed over some responsibilities to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This includes checking if the ISPs are living up to the promises of their customers as well as to investigate if the ISPs fail to make accurate disclosures. The FTC will also investigate ISPs if they engage in deceptive and/or unfair practices.

In conclusion, we have visited three recent news updates related to the Tron Project. We explored the recent listing of TRX on BitexBook and the most recent token burn by the Tron foundation. Lastly, we saw Justin Sun pledge $10,000 to fund efforts to educate the American electorate, on why they need to support net-neutrality.

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