In the future, Intel and Ledger will keep your coins safe

Ledger Has a New CEO: A New Product and Built-in Hardware Wallets Inside Cellphones May Be in Ledger’s Future

Ledger, the French company that develops the famous line of hardware wallets “Ledger Nano”, recently announced a change in its directive. As of April 24, Eric Larchevêque leaves his position as CEO of the company and will be replaced by Pascal Gauthier.

Larchevêque continues to be part of Ledger as Executive Chairman. The decision, Larchevêque says, was personal and seeks to give Ledger’s co-founder more time to develop the company’s strategic vision without having to focus on routine tasks.

“I have therefore decided, with the support of the Board, to move to a new role as Executive Chairman. In this role I’ll be able to properly focus on strategy and vision, while also overseeing regulator and government outreach, partnerships, customers, broader business relationships and technology thought leadership. I’ll continue to interact with the crypto and consumer communities, and help Ledger to fulfill its mission of securing all types of critical digital assets.”

The community welcomed the news with optimism. The new CEO emphasized his commitment to the company and its users. Mr. Gauthier mentioned that for now he will focus on getting the Ledger Nano X to market, overcoming the obstacles that have impeded its mass production. He saidt hat (beyond the development of the Nano X) he expects to contribute satisfactorily to the growth of ledger at technological and financial level.

“Now as CEO, and with Eric as Executive Chairman of our Board, I will focus all of my attention and energy on growing an amazing tech company on both the retail and enterprise side.

Ledger CEO Talks About Its Future

Mr. Gauthier is a firm believer that public safety and confidence will be key to achieving the consolidation of the ecosystem and a future in which cryptocurrencies become globally accepted.

In an interview for Breaker Mag, he pointed out that after the bear trend of 2018, the growth of the industry was a challenge that hindered the progress of several startups focused on the development of these technologies, however he told that he still does not consider that we can speak with certainty that the ecosystem is living a bull market.

Gauthier also revealed that Ledger is currently working with cellphone manufacturers to provide a borader line of producs: “In the same way that our technology powers Nanos, our technology can power a phone, so you could put Ledger inside a phone.” said the new CEO adding that “it’s something that we are actually working on with several phone manufacturers.”

Mr. Gauthier’s appreciation is by no means pessimistic, he explained that regardless of the characteristics of the market, “It’s just about building the best possible product.”