Opera Enables Built-in Ethereum Support, Integrating Web3 Capabilities

Opera Browser, the fifth most important internet browser in the market recently announced an update of its desktop app which added built-in Ethereum support, enabling Web 3.0 capabilities.

With this decision, the browser is now the first to allow the implementation of an ecosystem of decentralized applications that can interact with each other through a variety of transactions conducted on the blockchain.

Opera seems to be destined to become the browser par excellence for all users of cryptocurrencies and services based on blockchain technologies. After a substantial investment of more than 50 million dollars by Bitmain, this new business orientation seems to have been extremely productive for the browser which has found an important market niche.

Opera Enables Built-in Ethereum Support, Integrating Web3 Capabilities 12

After announcing the release of a built-in crypto wallet in July 2018, the team continued its hard work by adding more options and polishing its product until they were able to recently launch a final version of the wallet to which they added support for ERC-721 tokens

The Ethereum Web3 API is designed to provide a seamless interaction among dApps. Opera is right now the only major browser to “understand” this interface

The Opera team was very careful in debugging the security aspects necessary to ensure the tranquility of its users. This was announced in the blog where they advertised this new update.

“You can now pair your desktop browser with the built-in crypto wallet in your Opera for Android mobile browser. Every time a website or Dapp requires you to sign a transaction or message, a prompt will appear on your phone for you to confirm with your fingerprint. No need to set up a different wallet for desktop. Your wallet keys remain stored on the secure hardware of your mobile phone and are never transmitted.”

Opera: Working Hard To Become The World’s Best “Crypto-Browser”

The new version of Opera is available only for its desktop version on Mac, Linux and Windows. So far the team has not commented on the possibility of implementing these features in the mobile browser, which is oriented to reducing data consumption and optimizing the speed of navigation.ion and optimizing navigation speed.

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It is important to note that recently Opera partnered with Ledger Capital to explore use cases for blockchain technologies. Ding’an Fei, Managing Partner at Ledger Capital, expressed his excitement about this new partnership according to declarations posted on Opera’s official blog:


“Opera has already taken the lead among the major browsers, with the integration of the innovative crypto wallet and investments from other leading crypto companies like Bitmain. We are looking forward to exploring the next steps in how Opera will leverage its massive ecosystem and technical competencies to create exponential value for its user base and the greater blockchain space ”.