Opera Wallet now Allows Sending of Cryptokitties and ERC-721 Collectibles 10

Opera Wallet now Allows Sending of Cryptokitties and ERC-721 Collectibles

Opera Browser, the popular web browser known for its fluidity, seems about to become the favorite browser in the community of crypto-traders. Last August Opera announced that it would integrate a native wallet into its browser, facilitating the operations of thousands of users.

Opera Wallet, initially available in its desktop version and later in the Android version, turned out to be a fruitful decision that came after a Bitmain announcement in which they would invest approximately 50 Million USD in Opera Ltd shares.

Thanks to Opera, users no longer needed extensions and complicated steps to perform their operations and connect their wallet to the mobile app. A simple QR code scan was now enough to access the service.

Opera: Believing in Crypto (Collectibles)

However, the popular browser has decided to take a step forward and a few hours ago announced an update on its crypto-wallet service, allowing now the possibility to send crypto-collectibles directly from within the wallet without having to use exchanges:

“We are big fans of collectibles. They are unique digital things you can own on the blockchain and collect in your wallet. We believe that as an increasing portion of our lives moves online, so will our collections of things (…)

We’re now innovating by allowing you to send crypto-collectibles directly from the wallet to the person you want to, something that previously required visiting a digital marketplace and trading them.

We have changed this and made sending crypto-collectibles as easy as sending money via Venmo in the U.S. or Vipps or Swish in Scandinavian countries. We feel this makes them more tangible from a user’s perspective.”

The Opera team expressed its enthusiasm towards the crypto-collectibles boom. In the press release, they commented that this trend is just beginning and that its use will increase over time.

They also commented that crypto collectibles have potential uses beyond pure fun.

“We also see the possibility for these unique tokens to unlock access to content or verify eligibility for certain digital services.

ERC-20 vs ERC-721

The exchange of tokens under the ERC-721 standard differs from the ERC-20 as each token is unique and cannot be replicated. While a person may have (for example) 1 OMG, if they sell it on an exchange and then buy back 1 OMG, the user does not care which token they have within that mass of more than 140 million tokens. OMG is an ERC 20 token running on the Ethereum Blockchain

Opera Wallet now Allows Sending of Cryptokitties and ERC-721 Collectibles 11
Picture of a cryptokitty

However, if a user has a cryptokitty (ERC-721 token), and sells it unless the buyer wants explicitly to resell that same cryptokitty, they will never have it again. For this reason, each of the cryptokitties has its own value, and it is not the same to have a cryptokitty with a value of 600k USD to have one with a value of 1 USD, even though both are ERC 721 with essentially similar characteristics.

The ERC-721 support service is available in beta version from today. To use it it is important to sign in at this link