Ripple Launches 'Ripple for Good', Commits $100M to Focus on Education and Financial Inclusion 10

Ripple Launches ‘Ripple for Good’, Commits $100M to Focus on Education and Financial Inclusion

The Ripple company has gone beyond technology to launch Ripple for Good which is a corporate social impact program that will support mission driven organizations that are focused on education and increasing global financial inclusion primarily to the unbanked.

The mission statement of the new initiative goes on to explain the following:

Ripple for Good supports mission-driven organizations and initiatives with the potential to dramatically accelerate and expand global financial inclusion. Ripple for Good is committed to advancing socially responsible and equitable uses of blockchain, cryptocurrency and related technologies.

The team at Ripple aims at achieving this through the use of new technologies to extend financial services, products and systems to the globally unbanked. This also includes promoting inclusion and equity through research and education in STEM, fintech and financial literacy through the University Blockchain Research Initiative that was launched in June this year by the company. Ripple has already donated $80 Million this year to the cause and has allocated an additional $25 Million.

Chris Larsen, Ripple co-founder and executive chairman, further stated that:

We have to stop being self-righteous disruptors and instead focus on building things that solve real world problems. If we focus the blockchain movement on that, over two billion underbanked people can become full economic citizens.

Ripple for Good furthers the company’s vision to spearhead the Internet of Value where money moves in a manner similar to how digital information moves in the world wide web.

Swell Event on the 1st of 2nd October

The news of Ripple for Good comes days before the Swell Event organized by Ripple in San Francisco next week. The event will be attended by the Former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, who is also the keynote speaker at Swell. The Deputy General Counsel of the IMF, Ross Leckow, will also be attending the event.

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