Sirin Labs' Finney Phone + Hardware Wallet is Finally Available 10
courtesy: Sirin Labs

Sirin Labs’ Finney Phone + Hardware Wallet is Finally Available

After several months of waiting, Sirin Labs finally announced to the public that it is now possible to buy its long-awaited Finney Phone, a mobile device with which they intend to earn a place in the mobile industry by offering a series of features designed explicitly for crypto users.

From the technological point of view, the Finney phone has a set of characteristics that make it unique in the market. The phone has an integrated hardware wallet that runs independently of the software, allowing users to comfortably have the security of a cold wallet in the comfort of a cell phone.

The phone is not particularly cheap. It is priced at $999, placing it in direct competition with high-end cell phones, but the target audience is very specific. Finney promotes their phone as a “State-of-the-art Smartphone for the blockchain era,” and since the announcement of the Project, they managed to raise 157 Million dollars in what was the fourth largest ICO so far.

Another important thing to consider is that Sirin Labs team developed a proprietary operating system designed exclusively for their phone line. Sirin OS is an Android fork focused on achieving natural integration with blockchain developments and decentralized applications (dApps):

“SIRIN LABS’ proprietary operating system will give FINNEY™ users an easy-to-use Android experience with the Play Store and the apps it contains. What sets SIRIN OS™ apart is the enhanced security of the entire device and the built-in cold wallet accessible via the Safe Screen. Users will have a familiar experience along with an extension beyond the Android OS to ensure the blockchain and wallet security. These factors will enable FINNEY™ to hearld in mass adoption of blockchain technology.”

Finney Phone and Exodus 1: “Buy Your Phones With Crypto”

As reported by Ethereum World News, In addition to the Finney Phone, HTC launched a similar product, the HTC Exodus 1 for a price of $960 which can be paid exclusively with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Sirin Labs offers the option to purchase the cell phone using SRN tokens. Thanks to this option, users will have a 10% discount on the product and contribute to dynamize the use of this cryptocurrency which will be useful to buy upcoming devices.

The launching of this type of products is a sign that the adoption of cryptocurrencies is a growing reality that is beginning to awaken the interest of other markets. New initiatives will probably arise for this niche, and Sirin Labs is betting on consolidating itself as a leading company in this sector.