Stellar Records 48.75 Billion XLM Assets Traded On-Chain In August, After 350,000 New Account 10

Stellar Records 48.75 Billion XLM Assets Traded On-Chain In August, After 350,000 New Account

The digital currency Stellar (XLM) has again reached out to the world with a world-beating achievement that creates reverberations of joy in its community, after declaring that it was able to record a total of 48.75 Billion XLM Assets in one month.

According to a tweet issued out by the cryptocurrency, a total of $11.5B worth of Stellar assets was traded in the month of August 2018.

“A whopping 48.75 billion XLM ~US$11.5B (28/8/18) worth of Stellar assets have been traded ON-CHAIN just this month alone, up from just a little over 50 million XLM just a year ago on AUG 2017. That’s almost 1,000 times growth for decentralised exchange volume on the blockchain!” the tweet revealed.

To add to the celebration, Stellar earlier announced that due to the number of new active users account, it has experienced over 50% growth from July 2018.

“That’s over 350,000 new (active) accounts just this month > 50% GROWTH from just JULY 2018! Imagine if a 3-year old bank has added 350,000 customer accts in just a month…”

Signaling why Coinbase should not resist listing it on its platform, the altcoin said even though the giant exchange adds more customers on monthly basis, it is close to the reach and will get there soon.

Stellar (XLM) Announces 1 Million Active Accounts

Some hours back Stellar rose to the space to say that the world should now be ready for the fastest growing, human powered blockchain technology after declaring that it has now achieved a total of 1 million active accounts milestone.

In the news, the blockchain technology that flaunts itself as a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people, Stellar said it also reached 3,300+ Stellar assets mark, 25 million payments and 8 million trades.

The update immediately brought euphoria to the community of the altcoin, with many saying that it is high time Coinbase listed the Cryptocurrency for trade.

Beyond Coinbase, it is clear that Stellar has made an in-road to the moon, and no one in the crypto space can deny its presence.