Sorry Folks, Binance Won’t be Buying Back BNB Coins

    Cryptocurrency exchange, Binance is not buying back BNB coins from its users as earlier stipulated. The exchange made changes to its whitepaper, and now burns the BNB coins from its reserve rather than repurchase them from their customers.

    Will Binance Chain (BNB) Have a Devastating Effect on Ethereum (ETH) Sending Price to Double Digits?

    The launch of the Binance Chain could pose a threat to Ethereum and lead to the ETH price dropping to the double-digit. Despite Binance’s achievement, the Binance DEX is still considered by many as a centralized platform.

    Binance Chain Is Where Shitcoins Go To “Pump And Dump” One Last Time Before They Die

    The Binance Chain could become home to shitcoins looking to pump and dump one last time before they die. The IEO token sale process is creating a similar mania to ICOs and people are buying into hype rather than projects and their final products

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