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The Codex Protocol Puzzle: Solve It And Win 3 ETH

A new crypto-puzzle offers a prize of 3 ETHs hidden inside a painting called “Codex Protocol Puzzle” to the first person who can solve it.

The Codex Protocol Puzzle was created by Zden Hlinka, a computer engineer and digital artist, who founded the group “Satori” as a means to unite his two passions.

So far the creator has not provided any clues, however, the community has already made several advances to solve the puzzle. Perhaps the most obvious and easy is the Wallet address, which is camouflaged at the bottom of the picture.

The Codex Protocol Puzzle: Solve It And Win 3 ETH 1

Codex Protocol: This picture contains 3.1 ETH / Click to see the original Full-Res / Credit: Crypto.Haluska


As of this moment, the wallet contains 3.1337 Ether. So far no one has claimed the prize, the puzzle seems to be worthy of the reward it contains.

Users always enjoy this kind of challenges. Some take the difficulty with humor while others take it with enthusiasm:

“pls zd3n , stop. I want to sleep this week…” says the user Little Evil Cat, while Esfranklin commented in Spanish “Those 1700USD could be mine,” a sign that the passion for puzzles – and prizes – transcends borders.

The official Codex Protocol blog does not provide further details, however, it ensures that the prize is real and anyone can get it.

“Sit back and relax. You may not figure it out overnight, but if it was that easy, it wouldn’t be as fun … Artist @Zd3N’s work is beautiful and thought-provoking. The more you look, the more you will understand. The ETH is there waiting.”

On the website Crypto Haluska, similar works can be seen. More than 10 published works of art have been previously resolved. However, while some took only hours, others took several weeks to resolve.

Codex Protocol: A New Project in Crypto-Puzzle Fashion

The world of puzzles is exciting, solving an enigma always brings a level of satisfaction, but a monetary prize implies a very attractive incentive.

The emergence of cryptos has given way to the rise of a small artistic movement that “rewards” users for solving certain challenges proposed by artists.

Currently there is a similar painting containing the key for a wallet with 1 Bitcoin. Also, other paintings are available for purchase with less ambitious prizes.

Solving the Puzzle hidden in this picture will give access to a wallet containg 1BTC. Credit: Cryptogreetings. Reddit

Solving the Puzzle hidden in this picture will give access to a wallet with 1BTC / Credit: Cryptogreetings. Reddit

There are also games with enigmas related to cryptocurrencies. Montecrypto, Neon District and the Pineapple Arcade are the most outstanding examples.

Good luck to those who wish to venture into this new world!

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