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TRON (TRX)/Baidu Rumored Partnership to Involve Cloud Computing

TRON (TRX), Cryptocurrency–The rumored partnership between TRON’s cryptocurrency platform and Chinese search giant Baidu has intensified with news that the union will involve cloud computing, as opposed to the assumed relationship via blockchain.

While nothing official has been announced or confirmed on the partnership, TRON Founder justin Sun first sparked the rumor with a Twitter announcement that TRX’s forthcoming partnership would be with a company valued in the billions. Over the weekend, EWN reported upon unconfirmed rumors that Sun’s teased partnership was none other than Baidu, one of the largest tech companies in China and the predominant search engine provider, a move that would be equivalent to TRX teaming up with Google in Western countries.

According to a report published by ODaily on Oct. 15, the rumor–which is become more truthful with each passing day–will involve a partnership between TRON and Baidu centered on the creation of cloud computing. Translated via the cryptocurrency news site CNLedger, TRON will

“build, operate and debug blockchain products based on Baidu Cloud in order to ensure compatibility and optimize development experience.”

In addition, the report claims that Baidu and TRON have yet to form an agreement or partnership centered on offering blockchain or cryptocurrency services initiated through the TRX currency, and that the current iteration of the deal is primarily a cooperation of cloud computing services through TRON’s Main Net. Instead of relying upon TRON for a form of blockchain solutions, the translated report also states that Baidu is planning to provide their own iteration of the technology through their,

“soon-to-release blockchain commercialization super partner plan v1.0. The plan is about tech exploration and revenue sharing with their commercial ‘super partners’ using Baidu’s ‘out-of-the-box’ blockchain solution”

While representatives from TRON and Baidu have yet to confirm any working relationship, or even comment upon the rumors surrounding the potential partnership and cooperation of cloud computing services, TRX investors may be skeptical of the scale of the teased partnership given the lack of mention at this point of any use for the currency. Justin Sun has previously been criticized for his high-profile announcements and showmanship approach to marketing the TRX currency, features that have been lauded by some for continually driving attention to the cryptocurrency project.

Despite the rumored partnership being less than ideal for TRX holders and the greater landscape of cryptocurrency in penetrating the billion-dollar landscape of search engine services, it does represent another large profile partnership that Sun has been able to deliver his investment base. Following the acquisition of BitTorrent–which has been targeted for integration onto TRON’s platform through the previously announced Project Atlas initiative–the eleventh largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization continues to gain steam through its push to build a useful network, one that could be welcoming the services of Baidu’s cloud computing in the months to come. Even without the direct integration or use of TRX, Justin Sun and the TRON foundation continue to drive interest towards their currency with broad development strokes and the potential for big movements into 2019.