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Tron (TRX) Drifts Close To Ethereum, With Over 100 Thousands Accounts On MainNet

The latest news in town about Tron (TRX) makes it clear that the altcoin is not distracted and much affected by the plummeting market situation as it continues to show resistance with unending developments in the crypto sphere.

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron in a news today announced that the over 100 thousands accounts has been established on Tron MainNet, with hopes that the impending Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) will introduce more users when officially initiated.

“The total number of accounts on TRON MainNet exceeds 100 thousand and block height has already reached 1100078 with 368 online nodes. Once the official TVM is launched, there will be more and more users on TRON MainNet”, Sun Tweetted.

With this, many have opined that Tron is gradually closing gap on Ethereum, since the founder promised that he will do everything possible to make Tron outshine Ethereum.

Tron (TRX) Before MainNet Launch

Before the MainNet launch, which took place on June 25, Tron through Justin Sun waged war on Ethereum that as soon as it initiates the migration, it will be a major contender.

Boastful of the 100 million DApp user, Sun said the MainNet which will see the migration of Tron’s users and its token from ERC20 (Ethereum ecosystem) will make Tron a better crypto currency in the globe.

After MainNet, Tron (TRX) Closing In On Ethereum

Subsequently after the MainNet launch, Tron has been up and doing with sundry of developments. The team behind the coin are trying to drift it closer to Ethereum, so that its goals in becoming a better platform can be achieved sooner than later.

The altcoin on many occasions launched bounties for its community, giving out reward to entice and appreciate their efforts.

Tron’s recognition and viability in the local market has also been upgraded with the acceptance it got as payment option from a local garage in UK and a taxi driver in Spain.

In another break through news, one of the world largest X-rated video sites, Pornhub partnered with Tron, accepting the altcoin’s token, TRX as a virtual payment option.

Not the end, Justin Sun wrote a letter to the Tron community which rouse their excitement. In the letter, Sun announced that the altcoin has acquired BitTorrent, and its 100 million users and supporters will now be part of Tron’s family.

Afterward, Sun, proclaimed that the acquisition of BitTorrent has in fact made Tron 80 times faster than Ethereum, and now the largest decentralized ecosystem in the world.