TRON (TRX) Partners with NeoWorld, Creators of a 3D Virtual World on the Blockchain 10

TRON (TRX) Partners with NeoWorld, Creators of a 3D Virtual World on the Blockchain

Only hours ago, Justin Sun informed the Crypto Community that Tron (TRX) had partnered with NeoWorld. The tweet making the announcement went on to explain how the partnership would work out in the 3D Virtual Reality world created by NewWorld. The full tweet can be found below.

What is NeoWorld?

NeoWorld is a multiplayer online virtual reality world that runs on the blockchain. The 3 dimensional world offers players the chance to explore new frontiers, create skylines, pursue careers, build wealth and several other things that are characteristic of the real world we live in.

Players can also chat and have fun. They can also establish professional and personal networks. Land parcels are available for purchase on NewWorld. Players can construct buildings on the land to increase its value. Users also get to walk around in the virtual world through avatars.

There are currently over 100k land parcels sold, 7.5 Million buildings constructed as well as 1.3 Million jobs done per day in the virtual world.

Tron’s Part In NewWorld

For now, Justin and the Tron foundation have built a building in the virtual world. The new building (in the feature image/photo) ranks amongst the top in NewWorld due to its height and working rewards. The Tron foundation also informs us that there will be more information in the near future about further plans and developments in NeoWorld.

Possible Use of TRX in the Virtual World

Although not mentioned in the partnership, the idea of a virtual world brings about the question as to which type of cryptocurrencies can be used. Since NewWorld is similar to the real world, we might not be suprised to learn that TRX can be used to buy and sell land as well as buildings in the virtual world.

However, NeoWorld Cash (NASH) is currently the only currency being used in NeoWorld. Accoding to the project’s whitepaper, NASH is an Ethereum based token on the ERC223 standards that is also compatible with ERC20.

What are your thoughts on the new partnership between Tron and NewWorld? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

[Image courtesty of the Tron Foundation]

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