TRON TRX DApp User Volume 2019

TRON (TRX) Sets New All-Time High in Daily DApp Users

Despite slipping prices for the crypto markets, TRON has managed to set a new all-time high for daily DApp users.

On May 16, TRON based decentralized applications registered over 100,000 users, smashing the previous record in client volume. While the currency still trails behind EOS in terms of daily user volume, it still outpaces Ethereum by a wide margin. On May 16, TRON Dapps recorded 102,000+ daily users, with EOS registering 135k. Ethereum managed only 14,500 users during that same timeframe.

According to Misha Lederman, and advisor to DappEvolution,

#TRON just smashed its own record in daily active DApp users on May 16:

102,497 DApp users

100k users is a major achievement for TRON since TVM launch Oct 2018, but will be a blimp on the chart in the coming months as more sophisticated DApps attract #TRX users in the millions

TRX prices may still be recovering from midweek news that brought the departure of TRON’s Chief Technology Officer Lucien Chen over concerns related to centralization, but the DApp marketplace for the currency still appears to be going strong. In addition, the TRX currency recorded over 1 billion transactions during the 24-hour period May 14, marking a milestone for the currency and network volume not seen since mid-2018.

Despite holding nearly 100 percent of the market share for Decentralized Applications just a year ago, Ethereum’s grip on the industry has slowly been slipping. EOS has largely become the market leader in both applications and clients, with TRON posting a sizable amount of growth during its emergence onto the scene with the TRON Virtual Machine launch in October 2018.

Given the stalling in adoption for cryptocurrencies as means of transactions, DApp marketplaces have become both a source of innovation and developmental interest. Similar to other app stores, TRON’s DApp marketplace allows for the creative implementation of games, tools and more, all through the lens of blockchain and decentralization. Earlier in the week it was announced that EDF, the world’s fifth largest electrical company, was using the Ethereum DApp iExec to test simulation software–giving some indication on high-profile the space of decentralized applications have become.

With Justin Sun’s announcement that Opera will be offering seamless support for TRX, TRON has managed to position itself to millions of potential new users. That, combined with the rapidly growing DApp marketplace could lead to TRON, as opposed to Ethereum, being recognized as a primary cryptocurrency in the space of network features.

While the coin is still contending with the abrupt and testy exit of former CTO Lucien Chen, TRX is building the type of positive adoption and development that has been characteristic of the industry of cryptocurrency throughout 2019. Combined with the efforts of Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation, the increasing integration of BitTorrent and the BTT could further lead to TRX becoming an industry leader both in terms of use-case features and daily network volume.