Tron's CEO Can Bring Seven to Bitcoin Cynic Buffett's Lunch: Who to Bring? 10

Tron’s CEO Can Bring Seven to Bitcoin Cynic Buffett’s Lunch: Who to Bring?

Bitcoin Hater Buffett To Endure Lunch With To-Be-Named Crypto Boosters

On Monday, crypto history was made when Bitcoin hater Warren Buffett was revealed to be having lunch with Tron’s Justin Sun. For those who missed the memo, Sun managed to outbid all of Wall Street and Silicon Valley in an auction for the investor billionaire’s upcoming charity lunch, auctioned off on eBay. The Chinese technology entrepreneur, best known in the cryptocurrency space for launching the Tron blockchain and acquiring BitTorrent, paid a jaw-dropping $4.57 million.

With this lunch, Sun hopes to entice Buffett to look deeper into blockchain technologies and digital assets. The Tron founder also hopes to “get valuable tips and insights from him about entrepreneurship and making bold bets on the future”, according to a press release. Sun won’t be going alone though, as it has been confirmed that he can bring seven people along with him. The thing is, Sun, nor anyone in the cryptocurrency space, can’t seem to decide who’s best to bring.

The enigmatic cryptocurrency executive has purportedly invited Changpeng “CZ” Zhao of Binance, but Zhao has publicly declined the invitation, citing the fact that he “can’t make it [that] far.” With the list of attendees seemingly being on the table, everyone has tried to throw their hats into the ring. Anthony Pompliano, known for his incessant use of “Long Bitcoin, short the bankers”, explained that Andreas Antonopoulos, Murad Mahmudov, the SEC’s Hester Pierce, Fidelity’s Abigail Johnson, former Wall Street banker Caitlin Long, CZ, and Vijay Boyapati would be a “dream team” for the lunch to convince “Buffett of Bitcoin’s future potential.”

Such a team, known for their revolutionary thoughts about BTC and their clout on Wall Street and in other arenas, would likely give Buffett a bit more to think about Bitcoin than “rat poison”.

Anyhow, Sun hasn’t acknowledged this pseudo-proposition, but this likely isn’t the posse that he would opt to bring.

Is Buffett’s Opinion Worth Fighting For?

Should we really try and convince Buffett of Bitcoin’s future, though? As Ethereum World News suggested in a previous report, it’s actually not too much of a worry that the billionaire investor is skeptical of the crypto asset industry.

Buffett might even be a lost cause. Wences Casares, the chief executive of Xapo that is best known for convincing many execs on Silicon Valley and Wall Street to look into Bitcoin, wrote that he tried to talk to the American investor twice, but failed each time.

Anyhow, Buffett seems somewhat excited for lunch. In a statement given to Reuters, Buffett was reported to have said: “I’m delighted with the fact that Justin has won the lunch and am looking forward to meeting him and his friends.” Let’s see if this kindness will carry over to the lunch conversation.

Photo by Victoria Shes on Unsplash