VeChain (VEN) Signs Impacting Partnership Just Before the VeChain Thor Launch: DB Schenker 10

VeChain (VEN) Signs Impacting Partnership Just Before the VeChain Thor Launch: DB Schenker

Transformation into VeChain Thor [VET] – The cryptoverse has set VeChain [VEN] under its radar for a long time observing as it takes the form of VeChain Thor. Before the full transition takes place and even CoinMarketCap names the asset VET, the team will conduct the Beta public Test. This comes after successfully clearing two previous tests: Alpha 1.0 and Alpha 2.0. On the same level as its infrastructure/network development, its expansion in partnerships moves along as DB Schenker steps in.

VeChain [VEN] DB Schenker Partnership

DB Schenker together with VeChain [VEN] have developed an app that is set to change the global logistics landscape. DB Schenker is part of the German Railways – Deutsche Bahn, and is in the logistics for 10 years. Within the decade, it has achieved to become a world-known brand and grouped around 70,000 experts in logistics in 2,000 locations.

Jocheng Thewes – Chairman of DB Schenker:

 “Our strategy for 2020 includes all dimensions of acting sustainably and successfully. By challenging the status quo in the logistics industry, we strive toward economic, social, and environmental harmony in logistics and supply chain management. By 2020 we will be the leading integrated transportation and logistics provider.”

This development for VeChain ensures that its close-to-debut VeChain Thor launch will find gates open for a good entry into the logistics industry. DB Schenker controls most of the Europe’s freight firms and this will enable the blockchain increase it popularity and uptake in the European market.

VeChain stepping-in in the logistics industry ensures confidence boost in the management of its chain industry.

VeChain Foundation:

For the time being, VEN/USD is the clear winner of the weekend with 8.87% gain in the last 24-hours. It is leading the bitcoin market with 7.88% while welcoming a trading volume of $104 million in the last 24-hours.

VeChain Thor Blockchain