Verge (XVG) Software Patch Uploaded On GitHub, Concerns Still Linger 10

Verge (XVG) Software Patch Uploaded On GitHub, Concerns Still Linger

A Software patch from the Verge (XVG) development team was uploaded on GitHub just yesterday, May 25th. The announcement was made via Twitter and by Kris Chase who is an adviser for the XVG project in terms of marketing and operations.

In the tweet, Kriss informed the Verge Family the following:

A patch has been deployed on Github (10 hours ago). Update has been successfully pushed to GitHub. Please keep in mind process to reactivating exchanges etc. may still take some time.

This was welcome news to the Verge family and project but there were still questions and concerns expressed by XVG HODLers and users. The concerns were aired in response to the tweet by Kriss. Most users were concerned that the patch might not work as planned and that the solution was not adequate.

One user known as @BrianPotter had this to say:

I see no communication to reassure me that this “patch” won’t result in another hack. What exactly was done to convince the community that this time warp exploit won’t happen again?

His sentiments were echoed by @Wax_B who tweeted the following:

changing the drift is not a proper fix to prevent these attacks. He spent 3 days on this simple fix to change the drift interval? This is laughable.

@LariNoar was not impressed with the patch also:

This “patch” doesn’t fix the exploit… this was already said beginning of april. You should stop risking your investors money… #vergecurrency #altcoins #xvg #cryptocurrency

The patch helps in that it gives a solution to the vulnerability that caused the previous hack. However, with the concerns highlighted above, one can only suggest that the XVG development team come up with a bug bounty program as hinted earlier by Ethereum World News. Such a program would involve the Verge fam and would be an avenue for all the amateur and professional developers out there, to try their luck at finding more vulnerabilities with the project’s code. Any such vulnerability found and reported would in turn be accompanied by a reward to the developer who found it.

One twitter users @delordsQuest made one such suggestion to improve the code:

Kindly talk to @jaredctate & team to help implement #digiShield. You & yours will have peace of mind from thereon. cc @DigiByteCoin

In conclusion, the crypto-verse will on occasion be plagued by hacks and vulnerabilities. This is normal for any code that is in use today. One way of solving this issue would be to have a bug bounty program and also to have the community alert the crypto-verse whenever there is a hack as was witnessed with the one just experienced by XVG.