XRP is One Of The Best Performing Cryptos Of 2018 14

XRP is One Of The Best Performing Cryptos Of 2018

Ripple seems to have found the perfect formula to protect XRP from the inclemencies of the crypto market. Despite the bad image that the token used to have in the community, it has recently gained many followers, and after the events of last week, XRP has been able to stay afloat and position itself as one of the best cryptos of 2018 in terms of social media presence, adoption and price behavior.

Not only did it manage to position itself steadily as the second most important crypto in the global market cap, but the gap between XRP and ETH appears to be widening. Moreover, despite the 2018 bearish streak, XRP has exhibited one of the best performances compared to its competitors.

After reaching a low weekly record of 0.25 USD, XRP managed to recover to levels above 0.5 USD, which implies a bullish behavior in the middle of a highly bearish ecosystem.

XRP is One Of The Best Performing Cryptos Of 2018 15

In fact, while it is undeniable that bearish sentiment has also affected the evolution of XRP prices, it is imperative to note that this proportion is much lower than for others. While other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) or BCH have reached yearly lows, the price of XRP is currently well above such levels, trading near 0.475 USD.

XRP is One Of The Best Performing Cryptos Of 2018 16

It is also essential to note XRP has found significant support above the yearly minima, which has generated confidence in the market. Likewise, its much-criticized centralization has been seen lately as a refuge in the crypto-money market that has favored projects such as XRP, XLM TRX, and EOS.

For technical analysis, it is important to point out that XRP is one of the 20 best cryptos with a loss of under 7%. Also, the daily 50 EMA is behaving as strong support for prices, generating some confidence in those traders who rely heavily on this type of analysis.

It is also important no know that the RSI shows that right now there is a possible good chance to buy and accumulate tokens with a medium and long-term vision. Panic selling can be an excellent opportunity for those who are willing to face this storm with the illusion of enjoying a better day later.