Introducing XRP United, The First Full Exchange Dedicated to the Digital Asset 10

Introducing XRP United, The First Full Exchange Dedicated to the Digital Asset

In a twitter announcement, prominent XRP community member @BankXRP informed the crypto community of the launch of the first full XRP based exchange. The exchange, that is known as XRP United, went live just yesterday, 23rd October, 2018. Users who want to test drive the exchange, can visit There is also a discord channel dedicated to new users of the platform.

The tweet announcing the new platform can be found below:

Trading Pairs on XRP United

The current trading pairs on the new exchange are as follows:

  • XMR/XRP (Not yet live. To be added as soon the Monero wallet is integrated)

XRP The Standard

The chief goal of the XRP United exchange, is to further the use case of the digital asset to a level where it is the global standard. The campaign to make XRP global is best exemplified by the progress being made by the Ripple company in terms of providing solutions for cross-border payments. The company initially had three products of xCurrent, xVia and xRapid, but a redesign of the company website further combined all its software solutions into one product/service known as RippleNet.

In terms of crypto trading, XRP has proven to be the fastest digital asset to use when transferring funds between exchanges. So much so, that the XRP community has been petitioning Binance to add the digital asset as a base currency on the exchange.

With the new exchange of XRP United, members of the community now have an exchange solely dedicated to the digital asset. Some of the reasons to use XRP as a base currency are as follows:

  • It is faster and cheaper
  • A base currency of XRP would bring in more users to the exchange
  • XRP is the fastest digital asset to transfer funds between exchanges
  • Other exchanges are continually warming up to XRP as a base currency
  • Trade volume would increase as XRP would attract the big money movers – also known as whales
  • It is the natural and progressive thing to do given the popularity of XRP

What are your thoughts on the new XRP focused cryptocurrency exchange? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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