Craig Wright Tries to Claim Entrepreneur's $1M Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Bounty 10

Craig Wright Tries to Claim Entrepreneur’s $1M Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Bounty

Craig Wright Wants to Speak as the Creator of Bitcoin at Vegas Conference

Craig Wright isn’t backing down in his war to claim the Bitcoin creator title. Ever since “coming out” as Satoshi Nakamoto in 2013, the early cryptocurrency adopter, a cryptographer by trade, has fought for the accolade tooth and nail.

According to Grant Cardone, a serial entrepreneur, growth hacker, and personality that is popular on social media, Wright recently made a ballsy play. This play was to try and claim Cardone’s $1 million bounty on the “real” Satoshi Nakamoto.

The bounty stipulates that if the creator of the world’s first valid cryptocurrency can attend and speak at the entrepreneur’s “10X Growth Conference” in Las Vegas, he/she/they would be able to get paid $1 million for it. Cardone said earlier this year:

“I’m happy to write a check to ‘the real Satoshi Nakamoto’ to speak at the 10X Growth Conference where 10X entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, and blockchain developers will gather”

It isn’t clear if he was kidding for a publicity stunt to appeal to the crypto crowd, or how he would verify that validity of Satoshi wannabes if it came to that.

But, Cardone seems to be interested in Wright’s claim nonetheless, which comes just ahead of the conference. In fact, the American real estate mogul issued a poll, which includes the options “[Satoshi] is the CIA” and “Craig Wright is Satoshi”; and then asked for the community’s thoughts on the Australian programmer and Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision proponent.

Funnily enough, the community’s responses weren’t all too cheery. Jameson Lopp, the CTO of Casa wrote: “Don’t accept anything short of publicly verifiable cryptographic proof and you’ll be fine.” And others made similar quips.

Case For Satoshi in Hot Water

This odd tidbit of news comes hot on the heels of reports from multiple outlets that Wright’s case for being the creator of Bitcoin has begun to tread on thin ice.

As revealed by The Block contributor and crypto-friendly lawyer Stephen Palley via Twitter, a document that Craig Wright cited in court as from 2012 had a typeface from 2015, which is likely logistically impossible. This mishap arose following a recent hearing in the court case between Wright and David Kleiman, the latter of which is an early Bitcoin adopter (some suggest he could be Satoshi) that is purported to have owned hundreds of thousands of BTC.

Also, Wright purportedly told the court that he does not have access to the so-called “Satoshi Stash” at the moment, while bashing certain parts of the cryptocurrency community in a manner that some would consider was not Satoshi-esque.

Despite all this, Wright is still adamant in proving that he is the creator of Bitcoin. Whether or not his argument fully holds its water remains to be seen though.

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash