NEO 2018

Golden Opportunity to Invest in NEO as Predictions are Record Like

The bears have the clear saying above all in the second week of the 7th month of 2018. This Tuesday the red declining trend has taken the market as a whole. For some that are on the short term trading this might mean loss, but other that are longer in the game could find the movement as the best buying opportunity. Especially some altcoins that are taking heavy steps towards development.

NEO Opportunity to Step In

With the first half of the year gone, the crypto-verse both infrastructure and price wise has seen some drastic improvements and changes. Each team is trying their best to showcase their work potential.

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That is why in our opinion this time around could be the best to step in before the second part of the year hits hard. As the lead token BTC changed hands from $20,000 to $5,800 just a couple of days ago against the US Dollar, so did many altcoins drop.

During the bull run of late last year and early this year, NEO had peaked at levels of $187 on January 16th. The coin would continue holding its own against an ever dropping Bitcoin and also have a value of $144 in late February as the rest of the market was spiraling out of control. It bottomed at $27.00 seven days ago. However, with the potential seen last year, the rest of 2018 could be filled with new possibilities.

On July 4th, the platform commenced the election of a City of Zion consensus node into the NEO MainNetwork. The event has been named as the decentralization of its blockchain network.

City of Zion are an independent group made of translators, designers and developers with a global reach that have teamed up to back up NEO core and the network as a total.

For six months did the City of Zion ran on the network until it was made ready for election. According to the roadmap, the other ones are set for the end of 2018 to enter election:

  • First Concensus node – KPN – leading telecom firm in the Netherlands with 33 mil mobile subscribers in Germany, France, Netherlands and Spain;
  • Second Consensus node – In an announcement on the 5th of May, the NewEconoLabs (NEL) announced a partnership between NEO Global Capital (NGC) and Fenbushi Capital for Neo’s Name Service Project (NNS).