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Here are Your 3 Tron (TRX) Super Representatives Thus Far

The Tron (TRX) Foundation has just released the name of the third Super Representative of the Tron Network. Tron officially kicked off the Super Representative elections on the 26th of June with the candidates currently numbering 80 according to Tronscan. Out of these candidates, only 27 will be chosen to represent the entire Tron Community.

It is with this background that the Tron Foundation wishes to notify its fans, believers and the entire cryptoverse, the 3 Super Representatives that have been elected thus far beginning with the most recent one.

Lianjinshu become the third TRON Super Representative only a few hours ago and the announcement was relayed by the Tron Foundation via their medium page. Lianjinshu currently has gathered 132,380,513 votes in the ongoing elections. The team at Lianjunshu is made up of over 50 employees that have the technical know how in blockchain as well as research experience in currency products. The team is committed to developing and promoting the blockchain industry.

The second Super Representative to be elected was SkyPeople. The team has so far gathered 147,998,082 votes. SkyPeople is also the team behind ‘Final Blade’ that was published by NCsoft. The game is set on taking on local favorites such as Pokemon Go, in the Korean market. Final Blade is also currently leading in Taiwan in terms of game content. SkyPeople is also keen on utilizing blockchain technology in future gaming projects.

CryptoDiva was officially the first Super Representative elected on the Tron Network. The announcement came only a day after the election started and on June 27th. CryptoDiva provides financial services for the blockchain capital market.

Anyone willing to track the Tron Super Representative elections can do so by visiting the Tronscan page which is a real time ranking of the candidates according to gathered votes. With exchanges now releasing the newly migrated TRX coins, all the users have to do to participate in the vote, is to create a wallet on TRON’s Explorer.

Once the 27 Super Representatives are elected, the Tron Foundation will take a hands off approach with regards to governing the Tron Network.