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Here’s why Crypto needs more: scientists, solid foundations, real utility of apps, regulatory clarity, UX improvements, and Less Speculation, In-fighting, and drama

Over the past few years, famous cryptocurrency personalities have been attacking each other and their different views regarding specific issues and ideas on the future of the crypto space. However, for the crypto space to continue its development, there is a need to have more scientists, solid foundations, real utility apps, and so much more.

Crypto Space Needs More Scientists and Less Drama

Muneeb Ali, the CEO of Blockstack PBC recently called on the cryptocurrency space to get more scientist and solid foundations involved. He tweeted that “Crypto needs more: scientists, solid foundations, real utility of apps, regulatory clarity, UX improvements. Crypto needs less: drama, in-fighting, armchair scientists, anarchists, speculation, clunky UX. We’ll get there, in small steps.”

The Blockstack exec noted that the crypto space needs less drama, fighting between digital currency personalities, glorified armchair scientists, speculators, and clunky designs. Though that is a lot to ask, Ali believes that the crypto community will get there over time.

The suggestion by Ali is a valid one as the cryptocurrency space has seen a lot of in-house fighting and drama over the past few years. With this in mind, the energy spent attacking other people for their views could be channeled towards improving the crypto space.

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One of the most controversial figures in the industry is Craig Steven Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto. For instance, Wright has been attacked by the crypto space for his claim while failing to provide evidence to back up his claim that he is indeed Satoshi.

Wright is currently one of the most hated personalities in the crypto industry, with Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin calling him a fraud at one point. Wright was also attacked by Joseph Young, a famous crypto analyst who believes the self-acclaimed Satoshi is affecting both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in a negative way, by launching hash war which led to wastage of resources on both chains.

The Vitalik and Sun War

Another in-house battle that continues to grab headline is that of Vitalik Buterin and Tron founder, Justin Sun. Ethereum has been the leading smart contract and dApp platform over the past few years. However, due to its scalability issues, it is facing tough competitions from the likes of Tron and EOS.

Tron has been gaining strength, and this has led Justin Sun to taunt Buterin on numerous occasions. The two have engaged in multiple Twitter war such as this one, with Sun challenging Ethereum to reach 2 million transactions per day. Sun revealed at one point that he would build a monument in memory of Ethereum while Vitalik Buterin will be remembered for his contribution to the crypto space.

Although Buterin and Sun are two of the most prominent personalities in the cryptocurrency community, their attack on each other and their various platforms do not look good on the industry.

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The in-house drama and fighting are what Muneeb wants to see reduced. Some crypto enthusiasts believe that there should also be fewer speculators and more people that would actually use cryptocurrencies.

An increase in the entry of scientists and solid foundations would help create more real-world use for the cryptocurrencies. Afterwards, this could help the industry the much-needed massive adoption.