uTorrent Bids to Become a TRON (TRX) Super Representative 12

uTorrent Bids to Become a TRON (TRX) Super Representative

µtorrent, one of the most important and famous BitTorrent clients around the world has recently announced its decision to apply for TRON (TRX) super representative.

TRON TRX BitTorrent Justin SunThe election of a super representative is of vital importance for the Tron network, as the future governance of the blockchain will depend on them. Likewise, it also represents an excellent opportunity for the postulates since in case of obtaining this privilege, the profits from the DpoS algorithm are extremely attractive for any interested party.

All Super Representatives will be elected by the community. In this way, acts of corruption or abuse of power at the time of elections are avoided. In this regard, Justin Sun states that according to his vision, the process of choosing super representatives, beyond being a convenient solution in the technical aspect, also has a strong philosophical component https://medium.com/tron-foundation/letter-to-the-tron-community-on-super-representative-elections-96f7ae205c00:

“I have always believed deeply in the values of sovereignty of the people, and natural rights of the people. In the cryptocurrency world, we’re talking about the sovereignty of the token; the natural rights of the token! Each token is of vital importance, as they are the keys to decentralizing network power.”TRON TRX Justin Sun Secret Project

In the same letter, he announced that he would run for super representative too, under the same conditions as any other competitor.

uTorrent Bids to Become a TRON (TRX) Super Representative 13In a post on the Tron Foundation’s official blog, it was announced on July 25 that µTorrent is bidding to become a TRON Super Representative. According to the Tron Foundation, “µTorrent shares the same values and vision with another super representative candidate, BitTorrent.”

It is important to note that not only did BitTorrent apply for super representative, but it was recently acquired by Justin Sun. The reason has not yet been officially announced.

The Tron team comments that µTorrent already has a robust infrastructure and a massive worldwide user base. This gives it a high level of credibility and popularity in the voting process.

Among the postulates to Super Representatives are great figures of the crypto sphere such as Justin Sun, BitTorrent, µTorrent, Antpool, BTCC Pool, Genesis Capital, Ok Blockchain Capital (OkEX) among many others.

Justin Sun is working hard to meet Tron’s roadmap deadlines without losing the quality of the blockchain. His high level of interaction with the community has made Tron (TRX) one of the most popular cryptos right now.

Likewise, it is important to point out that a few days ago he commented that at the end of this month he would make an important announcement that has been kept secret until now.