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Privacy Meets Ripple’s (XRP) InterLedger and Coil

Ripple’s InterLedger and Coil will work with Puma Browser with the common objective of boosting privacy. This is a direct shot in the aim for the community, not just Ripple’s, who strongly believe that the movement away from centralized and control platform susceptible to hacks, is the right thing to do. Part of this is also the general gravitation towards establishing a robust, secure and anonymous internet of value which is fronted by Ripple.

InterLedger and Coil to Work on Puma Browser for Privacy Benefits

Last week, Coin announced that it has partnered with Ripple Inc to integrate the InterLedger on Puma Browser’s system. While revealing this on their Twitter handle, Coin congratulated Puma Browser for building the first iOS browser.

Yoshitaka Kitao, the CEO of SBI Holdings, and one of the banks affiliated with Ripple tweeted about this latest development, stating that “Ripple’s InterLedger System and Coil Will be Working with Puma Browser for Privacy Benefits.”

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The Puma Browser enables users to pay for services, goods, and browse contents with the full confidence that their web activities are not being harvesting.  Aside from addressing privacy, the inclusion of InterLedger Protocol–which describes itself as an “open suite for sending payments across different ledgers. Like routers on the Internet, connectors route packets of money across independent payment networks. The open architecture and minimal protocol enable interoperability for any value transfer system” –allows for the creation of a payment gateway.

Meanwhile, the Puma Browser is expected to work excellently between XRP and ETH. Ripple’s supported InterLedger protocol will serve as a reliable entry point enabling interoperation between Ethereum and Ripple ledgers.

If the browser has a good reception, then it could be another avenue to help XRP and ETH achieve global adoption thanks to what ILP brings to the table and inbuilt privacy features that the browser enables. The good thing is that Coil, a company that is funded by former Ripple executive, Stefan Thomas, is involved. They are committed to helping online content creators monetize their content quickly and efficiently.

Of Privacy, Micro-payment and Coil

In a blog post last year, Thomas revealed that his start-up, Coil is committed to making the internet space a vibrant market for apps and content developers. To show their intent, the start-up took well to EU’s bill on online content. In their directive, EU regulators laid out clearly that there should be better protection of content creators so as to encourage creativity.

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As it is, Coil is known for rewarding creatives depending on the number of seconds their videos are watched or their contents are read. That’s not all. They seek to ensure that actual views on materials are paid better than click-bait on fake news and copied content.

Meanwhile, Ripple is playing a massive role in how Coil operates. The company utilizes Ripple’s InterLedger and web monetization to see how it can transform the web content industry. Their overall objective is to reduce block finality, decrease transaction fees, and eliminate unsophisticated payment channel construction that is found within the current blockchain payment solutions.