Roger Ver Speaks On Looming Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Fork 10

Roger Ver Speaks On Looming Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Fork

Roger Ver: There May Be Discourse, But We All Agree That Bitcoin Cash Should Be Digital Cash

As the next Bitcoin Cash network upgrade looms, Roger Ver, a BTC maximalist turned Bitcoin Cash’s de-facto figurehead, has decided to take to the public stage to convey his thoughts on the contentious situation that could occur. This public stage, as it turns out, was Ran NeuNer’s most recent installment of CNBC Africa Crypto Trader, a near-hour-long segment dedicated to this nascent industry.

For those who are unaware, due to consensus mechanisms, differing opinions on the future of decentralized networks may lead to so-called “contentious hard forks,” whereas blockchains with differing rules/guidelines may split to satisfy different groups of users.

Ver, CEO of and an early crypto adopter, explained this to NeuNer in-depth, applying the aforementioned theory to Bitcoin Cash’s precarious situation.

Jokingly, Ver first pointed out that Bitcoin Cash is “so decentralized” that there are so many people arguing about the future of the network. Interestingly, somewhat rebutting his own point, the crypto savant added that all parties in contention agree that BCH should be used as a form of “digital cash,” likely alluding to his controversial argument that Bitcoin (BTC) doesn’t fit the description.

Touching on the opinions of other party leaders regarding Bitcoin Cash’s future, Ver first noted that Craig “Faketoshi” Wright’s opinions change on the daily, echoing his recently-issued criticism against the Australian cryptographer by adding that he is a “dumb person.” Discussing Calvin, who is in cahoots with Wright, Ver noted that “he’s a businessman,” but is still open to making BCH usable as a digital medium of exchange, a valiant goal in the eyes of’s CEO.

Later revealing what exactly is causing discourse and the hints of a hard fork division, the long-time crypto diehard pointed out that it only comes down to “order of operations,” adding that it comes down to the timing for the upgrade from 32MB to 128MB blocks.

Rebutting critics of this internal debate that Bitcoin Cash’s biggest influencers are having, Ver explained that fundamental differences aren’t present and that the internet has portrayed a more hostile environment than reality.

But, staying in line with his stance on anti-governmental systems, the founder touched on the sentiment that if one of the Bitcoin Cash forks isn’t usable in global commerce, it will hold no value.

Binance, Coinbase, Others Prepare For Impending Fork

Ver’s insider scoop on the future of Bitcoin Cash comes amid reports that Binance, Coinbase, Ledger, BitMEX, and other leading crypto-centric platforms have all begun to prepare for the fork, a mere four days away as of the time of press.

Some of these startup’s moves including Poloniex’s launch of Bitcoin Cash fork trading pairs, BitMEX’s venture, and Coinbase’s intention to offer support for forked assets.

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