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South Korea Has Taken China’s Trading Bitcoin Place: BTC Flexibility towards Change

With the negative news incoming from China for Bitcoin, traders have shifted out and moved to South Korea or Japan.

A growing volume of daily trading for Bitcoin have South Korean exchanges experienced while surpassing China, while Japan is on the first place, US following second then S Korea and then China – stated by Tuur Demeester and Joseph Young.

This even is indicated by the largest South Korean exchange as it has processed more than Bitfinex and Bittrex. This clearly indicates how the trading can not be stopped for traders by one country terminated its exchanges or tightening its approach towards the cryptomarket.

As far as we keep in mind that Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency with no center to manipulate or change it so no GOV of a country can really ban it from the traders or control it. A simple yet effective way to show how flexible and multifaceted it could become if needed.

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