The XVG Website Translation Project and More Verge Coin News 10

The XVG Website Translation Project and More Verge Coin News

In their most recent development update, the team at Verge (XVG) wanted to notify their community on what they have been working on in the first half of October. Of particular importance to the XVG Hodlers, is the progress of the Verge Wallet as well as the work being done to upgrade the codebase of the digital asset to the most secure of Bitcoin. This was after the slight incident of a bug being found in the Bitcoin core codebase a few weeks ago. The team has however clarified that XVG had not yet upgraded to that version with the vulnerability. Therefore, there was no need to panic.

Latest Updates

In a recent development update by the team at Verge, the community notified on the progress of the following:

  • Android Verge Wallet update
  • iOS Verge Wallet update
  • Stealth addressing
  • Multi Language (translating the Verge international webpage)

The team acknowledged that most of their attention had been towards creating the new desktop and iOS wallets. As a result, the already working android app, was sort off bumped down the list of priorities by the team. However, the team wishes to notify the Verge family that they are working on redesigning the android wallet.

This new update will include the integration of the TOR client which means that Orbot will no longer be required on the Android version. Other features that the the team is working on, include the following:

  • QR Code Reading
  • Bio-metrics
  • Settings View
  • Transactions view
  • Integration with the blockchain

The iOS wallet is still being worked on with plans underway to launch a Beta 1 version. 20 testers of the wallet will be randomly chosen from twitter. They will be picked from the followers of the team on the social media platform. TOR integration on the iOS wallet has also been solved by the team.

With regards to Stealth Addressing, the team is planning on integrating it into the current “xvg-bitcore-lib” based on a native language basis. The first steps have already been built on a JavaScript-based system. From this, the team aims at transferring into other languages like Java and Swift.

Stealth addressing is particularly key for the project, and the team promises to dedicate considerable time towards its completion.

Website Translation Project

The team has also been on an all inclusive task of involving the world in this groundbreaking website translation project. This will accelerate mass adoption of the coin as well as involving the XVG global community in translating its website to the numerous wonderful global languages. Volunteers of the translation process, are advised to visit this site for more information.

What are your thoughts on the most recent Verge Coin updates? Will you volunteer in the translation project? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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