What Block.One Announced About EOS On June 1st 10

What Block.One Announced About EOS On June 1st

At long last, June 1st is here, and the EOS community and Block.one’s supporters are absolutely pumped. Let’s see what was announced.

EOS On Coinbase Earn

Coinbase, in collaboration with Block.one, has revealed that it will be adding the EOS blockchain to Earn — a platform that allows consumers to learn about cryptocurrencies and this world-changing technology. There will purportedly be five lessons, which will allow users in over 100 countries, even those where Coinbase is not supported. These lessons will allow users to secure $10 worth of EOS tokens, amounting to just over one coin at the moment.

Coinbase has secured over three million watches on Earn, and looks to expand this figure with the recent addition of EOS, ZCash, Stellar Lumens, among many other platforms.


After the aforementioned announcement, Dan Larimer, the chief technology officer of Block.one, took to the stage to announce EOS VM. This new protocol will allow for the blockchain to purportedly be upwards of 12 times faster than it was at launch and six times faster than it was in December, which was when WABT was implemented. This, in the eyes of Larimer and chief executive Brendan Blumer, will allow for the creation and adoption of more decentralized applications.

Voice — Blockchain Social Media

The biggest announcement though was Voice, a social media platform based on the blockchain that is purportedly looking to capitalize on the mistrust consumers have of centralized institutions. Blumer explained:

“You just can’t read a house when the foundation is crumbling. Social media was created to use its users. Right now, it’s the companies, not the users that reap the rewards. They auction our data to the highest bidder and flood our feeds with hidden agendas… We’re leveraging the EOS blockchain to create a social media platform that is more aligned with the world… The value of good content gets circulated to sustain the community.”

According to Blumer, this will be a “truly self-sustaining” social media economy where both the platform itself and the users benefit through content creation, aggregating, and sharing. This reason why this is, there will purportedly be “no hidden agendas”, making it a level playing field for all users instead of a selected group.

To make this possible, the platform will utilize the Voice Token, purportedly the “fairest token in the world” as it “can only be created by real people” that utilize the platform. How it works is as follows: users earn Voice for using the platform and then can spend it to “make their voice heard”, boosting messages and media by effectively liquidating the token. This levels the playing field, meaning that you don’t need one million followers to make a social impact. Not many details were announced, but this is different than how platforms like Twitter and Facebook work today.

Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash