XRP Army at Work, Will Skype Accept Ripple (XRP) For Micro-payments? 10

XRP Army at Work, Will Skype Accept Ripple (XRP) For Micro-payments?

The Ripple (XRP) community has once again urged Microsoft’s messaging platform Skype, to integrate the currency into their network as means of micro-payment. Ripple (XRP) enthusiasts are keeping up with the request, and the Skype team promised to talk over the matter with the other teams.

XRP Community Suggests XRP To Skype

For cryptocurrencies like Ripple to be mainstream, then it must find widespread adoption. Luckily, Ripple is building and with relentless supporters from the XRP Army, dedicated executives and clear road map, they are inching closer towards their objectives. Their muzzle is now at Microsoft’s Skype. XRP can be used for micro-payments via XRPTipBot on Twitter, Reddit, Gmail, and even Discord.

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Expectedly, Ripple (XRP) enthusiasts now want the service to be integrated into Skype VoIP and conference system. In a message by ParisByDavid, the soldier calls on Skype to integrate Ripple (XRP) as a currency of choice for settling micro-transactions. He goes on reminding Skype that in the age of micro-payments, clients need their support. And he’s right. After all, the internet of value is here, and the idea is to implement micro-payments on the messaging platform is not far-fetched. ParisByDavid goes on saying not only should they buy Skype Credits with XRPTipBot, but they ought to send micro-payments using XRP on Skype chat as well.

Another Twitter user, Bank_XRP joined the conversation, issuing a rallying call to users. At the moment, the issue has garnered roughly 900 votes with more people expected to vote for this movement.

So far the response is good and ParisByDavid has acknowledge receiving a message from the Skype team: “Ladies and Gentlemen! Petr from @Skype finally replied with a promising message (see below). He also asked us to support this idea by voting and sharing your thoughts. If you didn’t vote, please do it now. A small contribution can change the future.”

From the above, it is clear that Petr from Skype notes that the team likes the idea but considering the fact that Skype is just a small unit of Microsoft, integrating crypto would have to be accepted across the company and it may take a while if they decide to do so.

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This reply generated excitement amongst the XRP community, with some of them already thinking about the global adoption Ripple (XRP) if it gets approval from Microsoft, a global behemoth, a mainstay in Wall Street and a company best known as a global software vendor. According to Calvin Schultz, the mere thought of Microsoft and XRP together should be enough to encourage community members to vote for this movement.

The movement is expected to go beyond just the XRP community. ParisByDavid urged the CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao to help spread the message to his community. In a tweet he says: “it’s not about #XRP it is about cryptocurrencies and mass adoption in general. Being a visionary man, it won’t be a problem for you.” Whether Changpeng Zhao would honor that request is yet to be seen, but it is clear that the XRP community is determined to make XRPTipBot a part of Skype.

Skype Plays A Massive Role in Crypto OTC Market

While it might be unintended, Skype is already playing a huge role in the growth of the OTC market. Last year, A report by Reuters revealed that crypto trading companies are negotiating, purchasing, selling, and lending cryptocurrencies over Skype.

This platform is used to cater for big clients such as wealthy investors, large BTC miners, payment processing firms, cryptocurrency hedge funds, and more. The traders were looking for a platform that is global and more or less free, and Skype has served as a perfect tool for them.