XRP to Launch on Huobi OTC Today, March 6th 12

XRP to Launch on Huobi OTC Today, March 6th

The team at Huobi’s OTC (Over The Couter) trading desk have announced that they will be launching XRP trading today, March 6th at 10am (UTC + 8). The tweet making the announcement can be found below.

Trading Fees for XRP on Huobi OTC

The exchange went on to give the following fee schedule when buying XRP using different global fiat currencies.

XRP to Launch on Huobi OTC Today, March 6th 13

How to Purchase Digital Assets Using Huobi’s OTC Services

Traders and investors willing to use Huobi’s OTC services need to take the following steps;

  1. Visit Huobi OTC homepage at otc.hbg.com
  2. Users with existing accounts need to simply log in. Those who do not have accounts with Huobi need to sign up
  3. Select the digital asset you want to trade, choose price and the payment method and click ‘Buy’
  4. Enter the total/amount you wish to trade and click ‘confirm’
  5. Confirm the total and payment order then wait for the seller to release the digital assets
  6. After the digital assets are released, the transaction is complete

Market Performance and Community’s Faith in XRP

XRP is currently ranked third with a market capitalization of $12.998 Billion. Ethereum is slightly ahead with a market cap of $14.566 Billion. In terms of USD value, XRP is still oscillating around the 30 cents range. It is currently valued at $0.31 as we close the first week of March.

However, XRP’s stagnation in value despite being listed on Coinbase, has not deterred avid investors and fans of the remittance coin. Further checking Twitter, we find that the XRP community continues being active and optimistic that the utility of the coin will eventually mirror its value in the crypto markets.

One twitter user by the name of @WeitseWind noted that 60 people had already registered for an XRP Community meetup that is scheduled for April 20th. This is impressive considering the event is approximately 7 weeks away. His full tweet can be found below.

What is your opinion on Huobi OTC adding support for XRP? Does this reflect a demand for buying and holding XRP for the long term? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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