Binance Craig Wright

Craig Wright Fights Back, Says Binance Funding Women Slavery

In his interview with Finder, Craig Wright went all out and labeled Binance “a super bucket shop”. “That should get to CZ…,” the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto thought. However, despite Craig’s best efforts, the insult did not elicit the emotion he was seeking from Binance chairperson, Changpeng Zhao.

He then decided to do what he does best and expounded further on his money laundering and wash trading allegations at the Coin Geek Toronto conference.

Craig, the force behind the Bitcoin hard fork currency Bitcoin Satoshi Version, collectively accused Binance, Tether and Bitfinex of serious crimes. He said that they were enablers in the underworld operations of the enslavement of women and prostitution as well.

In a video clip  recorded in the conference, Craig says that “thirty percent of Binance and Tether funds women in slavery.”

Craig Wright Against the Crypto World

Unfortunately for Craig, CZ still did not bite that bait, swatting him away saying: “giving attention is probably what he wants… We ignore stupid stuff, and focus on things that matter.”

Zhao, the chairman of the world’s largest crypto exchange by adjusted volumes, has however not always been this patient with Craig’s unending dramatics and aggression. He, for instance, did not only threaten to delist BSV from his exchange but went ahead and did it anyway.  Although his actions were not appreciated by everyone on the crypto space, with some voicing concerns of abuse of power on the part of Binance CEO.

Early in the year, Craig Wright had served Hodlonaut with court papers for the crime of defamation.  Hodlonaut, a crypto enthusiast, had started the hashtag #CraigWrightIsAFraud, in response to Craig’s claims that he is the real Satoshi. The person behind the twitter handle Hodlonaut, had to leave Twitter when Craig put a $5,000 bounty in BSV on his head for it. The witch hunt caught the Binance chief’s attention who who took to Twitter, saying:

 “Craig Wright is not Satoshi. Anymore of this sh!t, we delist!”

It didn’t end well for BSV, which was later delisted by not only Binance but Kraken, and ShapeShift as well.

He Claims To Be Satoshi

Craig has been suing personalities in the crypto world left, right and center, so he knows a thing or two about libel and defamation. Heck, he has actually served Dr. Peter McCormack‏ and Roger Ver amongst others over these same allegations. Nonetheless, Craig did not seem worried about libel damages in his talk at Toronto, since he tabled no evidence to back his claims.

Nonetheless making claims without evidence to back them up is not new to Craig. He, for example, has not backed his claim that he is Satoshi, despite filing and being granted the Bitcoin’s original code and Bitcoin white paper copyrights.  The list of people claiming to be Nakamoto is growing with Chinese citizen Wei Liu, laying his claim too. Liu has filed for the copyright to the BTC whitepaper, which according to the U.S. Copyright Office, is acceptable because they do not investigate claims.

Liu, the CEO of MarvelousPeach Capital, a crypto fund, filed his claim on May 24. As a result, John McAfee has also asked crypto fans on Twitter to submit for the ownership of Bitcoin:

“Let’s start a movement where all of crypto twitter files a copyright for that… I hear they’ll register anyone and even when claims are competing… you have the power to kickstart it.”