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John McAfee: “The Bull Market IS coming”

John McAfee is a highly controversial person not only because of his peculiar way of life but also because of his opinions and his direct way of speaking. The founder of McAfee Inc. and CEO of MGT Capital Investments Inc. has had a very active life in recent months: He said he will run for president, confronted the SEC, called for a boycott of central banks and exchanges, and just survived an assassination attempt.

However, one of the things Mr. McAfee is well known for in the world of cryptos is because of his famous predictions and his bullish stance towards Bitcoin (BTC) when analyzing its long-term performance.

McAfee is one of the most important Bullish influencers, even in bearish times such as those that have been experienced throughout the year, and he has never backed down from his predictions, remaining not only enthusiastic but also assertive to his followers about the future vision of Bitcoin’s (BTC) price.

Bull Market IS Coming

On July 17, Mr. McAfee again caused a Twitter buzz when he wrote a euphoric tweet that soon surpassed several thousand likes.

Despite the high volatility of Bitcoin (BTC), McAfee’s optimism seems to be entirely valid. In more technical terms, other analysts like Tom Lee have mentioned that Bitcoin could be in front of a Bull Run.

John McAfee is known for making one of the most bullish predictions about the price of Bitcoin. The McAfee Line shows that despite the current behavior of Bitcoin prices, to reach 1 Million USD in 2020, Bitcoin should currently be quoted at over 13k.

John McAfee: Just HODL

McAfee has advised its followers not to sell their cryptos. Other notable personalities of the crypto-verse have widely shared this hodler feeling. Recently, Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin, recommended not selling the Bitcoins and in fact considers it crucial to have this cryptocurrency over any other altcoin.

John McAfee has always been very confident in his predictions, and being a known influencer allows him to contribute to these excellent results actively.

Previously, John McAfee used to tweet about the use of some altcoins. These immediately increased their value in the markets. A few days ago, John McAfee commented that he was going to stop this practice due to legal threats.

Bitcoin has been growing steadily over the last few days. The Heikin Ashi sails show a possible bullish trend, and although some analysts mention that Bitcoin has already reached the minimum levels of 2018, it is still too early to make predictions with a higher degree of certainty.

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