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John McAfee Cancels Conference Appearance Due to Death Threats

News reaching Ethereum World News indicate that popular Crypto-crusader, John McAfee, has been asked by the Blockchain World Conference organizers, to cancel his live appearance at the event after getting numerous death threats against Mr. McAfee.

In a tweet, the Blockchain World Conference stated the following:

McAfee would also add via twitter that:

I have been asked by the Blockchain World Conference organizers to cancel my live appearance due to fears of audience, and my own, safety. I will be live streaming from an undisclosed location at 11:00 AM.

He would later explain to his followers the following also via Twitter:

The choice not to appear on stage was not my choice. It was a decision made by the conference organizers. Blaming me simply and squarely places you in with my few hundred thousand trolls. If that’s where you wish to reside then so be it.

Whether the news of death threats are true or not, McAfee was most recently hospitalized for what he claimed was an attempted assassination through poisoning.

History as a Wanted man

Prior to that, McAfee had stated that he was on the run from the US government after he claimed that he had purposely committed a felony by calling out the SEC. It is not the first time McAfee has been a wanted man. In 2012 during his stay in Belize, McAfee seemed to ruffled the feathers of the Belizean government when his compound was stormed by 42 paramilitary soldiers in search of what they claimed were drugs in McAfee’s compound.

McAfee would later escape from Belize the same year through Guatemala after one was his neighbors was murdered under mysterious circumstances.

Presidential Bids and love for Docademic (MTC)

On his return to the US, McAfee would run unsuccessfully for president in 2016 and plans on running once again in 2020. Core to his new presidential bid, is his plan to provide universal healthcare in the US through the blockchain platform and App of Docademic (MTC) that he is passionate about.

In one of his tweets about Docademic and against his new foe, HitBTC, McAfee would state that:

McAfee currently enjoys a loyal following of 845,000 fans on twitter with this number expected to reach 1 Million pretty soon.