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These 52 Exchanges are Supporting The Tron (TRX) Blockchain Upgrade and Token Migration

Earlier on in June, Ethereum World News had reported on the 26 exchanges that had declared to support the token migration that begun on the 21st of June. Now this list has doubled to 52 exchanges with more being added by the day. The Tron Foundation made the announcement of the new list via their page.

The list of exchanges and wallets supporting the token migration as of June 29 can be found below (in alphabetical order):

  1. Bi
  2. Bibox
  4. Binance
  5. Bitbns
  6. Bitfinex
  7. Bitflip
  8. Bitforex
  9. Bithumb
  10. BITKOP
  11. BitoEX
  12. Bitpie
  13. Bittrex
  14. Bit-Z
  15. Bixin
  16. BJEX
  17. CEO
  19. Cobo
  20. CoinBene
  21. CoinEgg
  22. CoinEx
  23. Coinnest
  24. Coinoah
  25. CoinTiger
  26. Cryptopia
  27. DragonEX
  29. HitBTC
  30. HPX
  31. Huobi
  32. IDAX
  33. IDCM.IO
  34. Indodax
  35. Koinex
  36. Lbank
  37. Liqui
  38. Livecoin
  39. lomostar
  40. Max Exchange
  41. Mercatox
  42. OEX
  43. OkCoin-kr
  44. OKEx
  45. OTCBTC
  46. Rfinex
  48. Sistemkoin
  50. Tokenomy
  51. Upbit
  52. Zebpay

(This list will be updated as needed)

Currently, the Tron Super Representative Elections are ongoing with the first Super Representative (S.R) being announced on the 27th of June. The first S.R is known as CryptoDiva and was the first community node to generate blocks. This means as each S.R is announced, they will replace the 27 Genesis Representatives that were in charge of launching the Genesis block as well as fast tracking the token migration for S.Rs before the elections.

CryptoDiva is the world’s leading blocking capital group. It is based on the CryptoDiva foundation and provides financial services for the blockchain capital markets.

As per the S.R tracker on the Tron Website, there are 74 organizations hoping to be part of the 27 S.Rs.

However, many TRX HODLers have expressed their frustrations of having their tokens still locked up in the exchanges further preventing them from voting for their favorite S.Rs. One of the exchange that has been mentioned of having locked the TRX of users is Binance. Other users have expressed the lack of proper incentives by S.Rs as a reason to either delay voting or decline from doing so completely.

Such incidences are understandable given every blockchian platform never launches at 100% in terms of what was expected. Evidence of this can be seen with EOS which still has a constitution problem days after launching. There are always glitches but the bottom line is that both projects have their MainNets up and running.